Conzerol Soap

Protect your self from the spread of molluscum while moisturizing your skin.

Molluscum can be a tough disease to battle and Conzerol® is at the forefront. Conzerol® has helped thousands of Molluscum suffers rid themselves from the disease. People often make a grave mistake by using products that not only agitate the virus, but also aid in the spread. Conzerol® has developed a soap that is gentle on the skin but also provides additional benefits. Our soap has a mix of essential oils that have been specifically chosen for their synergistic effect and antibacterial properties. The Molluscum virus can lie dormant in the skin for weeks at a time and pop up with out warning. We recommend when becoming infected with molluscum to use the soap daily when in the shower or tub. This will prevent new lesions from populating while treating with Conzerol® cream.




The formulation used in both the cream and the soap has been designed to be safe and pain free * and can be used on adult and children alike.

Conzerol® has rating of 4.6 out of 5 in a survey by an independent company with over 900 real customers *. Sarah C. from California recently said, “ My son had a break out of molluscum he most likely caught playing with another neighborhood child. I wasn’t really sure what to do, until a relative recommended Conzerol®. We have been using the cream as directed and also the soap. The results have been excellent. We had read it can take up to a year and half for molluscum to go away, but here it has only been a two and half weeks and it’s nearly gone. Five stars and fully recommend for two very superior product.” *

When skin becomes infected, the virus may lie in a dormant state. The skin may not display the new lesions for a few weeks. New lesions will often rise as old lesions are being treated. This may cause some people to incorrectly believe the treatment they are using is causing new lesions/spreading.


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