How to Lighten Sunspots with Vitamin C Serum


We all have them..... Sunspots (aka Age spots) are unavoidable. The older we get, the more of an effect the sun has on our bodies. Sunspots are most common and noticeable on the face and neck. It’s the area people are most likely to see, and first impressions are important, right?


A good Vitamin C serum can fade these spots starting from day one with the first application. The most important thing is concentration. Conzerol's Vitamin C Serum is a good benchmark for concentration. If the Vitamin C serum is less than 10% vitamin C, it won't be strong enough to cause any real repair of the damaged skin. Vitamin C works in 2 ways. It slows down the melanin production and is a major factor in building new healthy cells. All you need to do is apply the Vitamin C serum daily before you put on your moisturizer and get your day started.


When selecting a Vitamin C Serum, it’s important to look for the percentage of vitamin C first and for most. Second, look for supporting ingredients like jojoba oil and witch hazel to help rejuvenate the skin.  These ingredients are synergistic and help to tighten the skin and reduce fine lines. They often have antioxidant properties and can even help prevent damage caused by the sun. It does not substitute for sunscreen. Always wear sunscreen!  Vitamin C Serum can help you look and feel younger.


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