What is Vitamin C and Why Do We Need It?

Vitamin C is a critical component of life for humans. We cannot make vitamin C on our own, think scurvy. Most people get an adequate amount of vitamin C through their regular diet. So, there’s nothing to worry about there. Now what is it, and what does it have to do with me? 

Vitamin C or L-Ascorbic acid is found naturally in some foods and is synthetically produced, but that’s another discussion in its self. Vitamin C is found in oranges, green peppers, and even watermelon. It is in many foods but mostly fruits and veggies. Most people in the United states intake enough vitamin C through their diet to sustain life. When’s the last time one of your friends came down with scurvy. You can get vitamin C in from foods that have it naturally. There are also foods that have been fortified with the vitamin, meaning they added extra for good measure.
Last but not least, you can take a supplement in pill form or gummy, we have all seen them. All of these seem to be an excellent way to introduce the vitamin into your body but from your food seems the best. There was a study done in 2013 that had some interesting results using supplements vs. natural foods. They found no substantial differences in the amount of Vitamin C measured in body fluids and tissues between the two types of vitamin C.


Vitamin C has many health benefits from possible cancer prevention and treatment. It also plays a role in Cardiovascular disease and even the common cold due to its antioxidant properties and immune function in the human body. Now you probably think I need to get some Vitamin C right now. That’s hard to argue with.

One area where Vitamin C tends to get overlooked is in the daily Skincare regiment. This is true for both men and women. Vitamin C has excellent antioxidant properties. It also plays a massive role in collagen synthesis. By applying Vitamin C directly to the skin, you can help get the youthful look back by aiding the body with collagen production. The vitamin can help prevent and treat damage done by the sun. We all have sun spots in one form or another. Vitamin C has been shown to lighten and brighten areas of the face that have been darkened by the sun. It does this by causing a reduction in melanin production and oxidation.

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