Advanced Kit Three / 3 Tubes + Soap (61-90 lesions)

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Advanced Kit Three

Treats 61-90 lesions

Combine the power of Conzerol Cream and Conzerol soap for a fast effective solution to Molluscum Contagiosum. * Fight molluscum the pain-free way, with Conzerol. Conzerol is formulated with ingredients found in nature to sooth the bumps associated with molluscum contagiosum. It is registered with the FDA and follows all Homeopathic and cGMP regulations. Many treatments can leave scarring and cause discomfort, but not Conzerol. Conzerol has a money back guarantee, if your not 100% happy return it for a full refund. * Why Conzerol Soap? Regular soaps often contain ingredients that can aid in the spread of molluscum bumps. Regular soaps with caustic, abrasives and irritants can cause cracking and/or microabrasions in the skin. This can open the door to additional infections (auto inoculations). That could mean more bumps. Conzerol Soap is formulated with natural anti-viral ingredients that inhibit further spreading of the molluscum virus. No abrasives or harsh chemicals are used in the formulation of Conzerol soap.